Independent Film Production

The Quincy Rose Show (Pilot Presentation)

IN the half-hour comedy, The Quincy Rose Show, Quincy Rose plays a caricature of himself: a witty, neurotic, intellectual misfit struggling to make it as a writer in Hollywood. Though desperate to enjoy the status of a celebrated writer, the last thing he is actually prepared to do is sit down and write. His antics and rituals satirically showcase the many ironies of life set against the backdrop of the entertainment industry—Quincy's own identity, the greatest parody. As an egomaniac with an inferiority complex, Quincy unabashedly self-promotes the legacies of his father, Mickey Rose, the venerated comedy writer; and godfather, Woody Allen, the prolific American filmmaker, as his own.

Created & Written by Quincy Rose & Justin Carroll

Starring: Quincy Rose, Nicholas Brendon, James Hyde, Jack McGee & Lee Garlington

Co-Starring: Nicole Dalton, Rome Shadanloo & John Rosenfeld

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