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Miles to Go (Feature Film)

A writer from Los Angeles, who doesn’t believe that relationships can last, struggles to mend his most recent failed relationship, believing it may just be the key to his success and happiness in life.


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"If Woody Allen & Albert Brooks had a baby, this film would be it." The Hollywood Reporter

“Excellent micro-budget indie…incredibly personal and nuanced material.” - The Huffington Post

Trailer to the indie-drama, MILES TO GO, Written, Produced & Directed by Quincy Rose, available on VOD via Indie RIghts Movies.

Miles, a writer from Los Angeles, doesn't believe that relationships can last for they don't. Stuck in a rut with his writing, riddled with loneliness and frustration, overdosing on self and acting out as a solution, Miles attempts to reignite his connection with Julia, his longtime, on-again-off-again, ex-girlfriend. However, when Julia finally warms up to the idea and things begin to move in a healthy direction, Miles battles his deepest beliefs, while struggling to stay positive and not sabotage their relationship.

Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Quincy Rose

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Click POSTER for Official Site!